Inner Personal

Healing, Happiness, and Refinement

Through Shadow Work


Shadows are all the pieces of ourselves that we tend to disown, don't like, or, that are stuck. They are also the places within us that are in resistance to what we know we should  be doing, or Trauma/trauma keeping us from moving forward.


Shadow work is a practice of radical self love and sacred witnessing. This practice invites you to work with
your shadow(s), known and unknown, and to turn towards them rather than away.

Dancing With Shadows  is a beautifully designed offering that uses somatic integration and spiritual
practices to outline a successful, spiral path through shadow and into refinement. This is a wonderful 

addition or alternative to traditional mental health care services. And, a fantastic self growth, spiritual development opportunity for you to experience the how to of letting go. This program lifts you into the practice of self reflection without judgement; and supports you in creating your own awareness of what
is true for you. 

Courses are open to elders, adults, and teens. 


First, Choose:

Self Study, or Group Program


Self Study Offers: Guided Shadow Work & Personal Reflections Journal, or Full Course Option that includes Shadow Work With Gemstones, Shadow Work Meditations and Journeys, Full Shadow Work Course with Mentorship Course and Bonuses

Group Study Offers: All the above+ supportive group container +group facilitation +bonus workshops

Weather a practiced self- reflectionist or your come new to the art of looking inward; you will receive new insight into where, when, why and how shadow is for you. 


Hannah Frey

“The Dancing With Shadow program has been so good for me. It's helped me shift so much."

Michelle Trumble

"Working with Alex has allowed me to clear away the deep muck that was standing in the way of my inner gifts."

Crystal Stone

“I have to say how much I love Alexandra, her love, her incredible knowledge, and support. She has been here for me whenever
I have needed."

Taylore Landry

"To say that Alexandra has been an impactful force in my healing journey would be an understatement. She is a strong, steady, fearless, and loving force."


There are many more testimonials 
that illustrate the success of this work. Alexandra, her program, and her clinets' results shine! 
Find out why! 



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