Spiritual Guidance & Chakra Healing through Shadow Work 

Do you desire the deepest experiences of personal reflection?  

DancingWithShadows guides you through the most profound journeys of inner personal healing, happiness, and refinement through one on one mentorship, group journeys, and self-guided courses. Those dedicated to a path of personal reflection and spiritual growth, BLOOM where others hold themselves back. 

You are invited beyond the Veil of what you already know. Whether you are a practiced self- reflectionist or you have come new to the art of looking inward; you will receive spiritual guidance from mystical teachings grounded in Celtic wisdom traditions.

Chakra Healing through Shadow Work means that we are looking through the lenses of the 7 chakras to uncover and integrate layers of conscious shadow (that we know is there), and unconscious shadow (what we don't know, or haven't allowed ourselves to know is there).

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Shadows are all the pieces of ourselves that we tend to disown, don't like, or, that are stuck. They are also the places within us that are in resistance to what we know we should be doing, or Trauma/trauma keeping us from moving forward.


Shadow Work is a spiritual practice where in you actively seek out, invite, sit with, and integrate the shadow aspects of yourself.  As a spiritual practice (like prayer, meditation, yoga, tai-chi, etc), this practice is never done.  Shadow Work asks that we face the parts of ourselves that we would rather not acknowledge. And invite them to sit with us, rather than trying to judge them into submission or FINALLY cast them aside for good.

This is process of seeing clearly our behaviors, traits, habits and patters from our lives in order to confront the underlying beliefs, perceptions, and projections we are carrying.  Shadow Work invites us into a practice of clearing the resistance, fear, anger, resentment, trauma, shame, guilt, and so on, from the dark.  This is NOT, a practices of dark vs. light. Shadow work is NOT a process of casting out the darkness, but one that reclaims the magic of it. There are a number of amazing things that can only grow in the dark. as this is fertile ground in which to plant and grow our magic.


Shadow Work provides us continual opportunities for reclamation. What gifts and magic are buried beneath the projection, hurt, and addiction? What would it feel like to reclaim your story, intuition, dreams, body, mind, soul, and emotions as your most powerful allys?
Shadow work is intense, emotional, dark, and deep. It demands your full attention. Not everyone will chose this path. May who turn on, or awaken do so momentarily; only to fall back into unconsciousness.  We have put our pain, separation, and disowned parts of ourselves into the shadow for so long that when we are aware of the unconscious places within ourselves it can very easily get too overwhelming, then  we explode, or implode, spiral down, or numb out.

However, just as everything else, shadow work has an opposite side. Those who choose to participate in the spiral dance of shadow, to wake up to pain, to turn and face that which they have been running from; those who return to the shadow lands time and time again, and who invite the darkness in, those are the ones destined for freedom.

The nature of shadow work is that it is a deeply spiritual practice of reclamation, returning to the heart, finding compassion, and to shift ourselves into the highest vibration of all: LOVE.



Dancing With Shadows teaches the how to of shadow work in a multitude of ways:

- Through the signature process of Identify, Feel, Follow, Honor
- Through somatic integration, which means it incorporates physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual practices to “do” our shadow work. This includes movement practices, journaling, meditations and journeys, working with gemstones, art projects, and other embodied practices and assignments.
- Cultivating the Witness state of awarenesss.
- Working with various NLP processes.
- Calling on spiritual teachings from Celtic, Shamanic, and First Peoples wisdom traditions.

Dancing With Shadows is a wonderful addition or alternative to traditional mental health care services. And, a fantastic self-growth, spiritual development opportunity for you to experience the how-to of letting go, refinement, and cultivating happiness from within. The Dancing With Shadows program lifts you into the practice of self-reflection without judgment, and supports you in creating your own awareness of what is true for you. 


How to begin? 


First, choose if you would like to do a Self Study or Group Program:

Self Study Offers: 
Shadow Work 101: Introductions and Foundations and Shadow Work of the Four Bodies,
Guided Shadow Work & Personal Reflections Journal,
Shadow Work With Gemstones, 
Shadow Work Meditations and Journeys,
Full Shadow Work Course with Mentorship Course and Bonuses.

Group Study Offers: All the above+ supportive group container +group facilitation +bonus workshops.


Hannah Frey

“The Dancing With Shadow program has been so good for me. It's helped me shift so much."


Michelle Trumble

"Working with Alex has allowed me to clear away the deep muck that was standing in the way of my inner gifts."


Crystal Stone

“I have to say how much I love Alexandra, her love, her incredible knowledge, and support. She has been here for me whenever
I have needed."


Taylore Landry

"To say that Alexandra has been an impactful force in my healing journey would be an understatement. She is a strong, steady, fearless, and loving force."



There are many more testimonials that illustrate the success of this work. Alexandra, her program, and her client's' results shine! 
Find out why! 



Alexandra Jenkins is a mother, spiritual guidance counselor, mindfulness facilitator, teacher, ukulele enthusiast, and author of the Dancing With Shadows series.

Alexandra has always had a love affair with the mysteries of the dark; thus she created DWS with the intention of bringing love to our innermost shadows.

Her journey with shadow work started in 2011, upon beginning a Priestess Path Apprenticeship with the school of awakening Avalon. Since then she has been studying shadow work through various texta, workshops, lectures, and certification programs, from a variety of different instructors.

"It takes a lot of unlearning to be the Self we are wanting to be. Refinement is the practice of a lifetime. Letting go of what we don't need or want and stepping into lighter and lighter versions of ourselves. I don't mean that the darkness is a bad thing not at all. We must reclaim our relationship to the darkness in order to remember Magic."


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