Dancing With Shadows 

"Part journal, part resource & part inquiry, this workbook
is a sacred container to truly study your shadows and give them the time, space, and attention they are calling for. Each section provides new paths to match the vibration of each shadow and cultivate new ways of  getting curious, cultivating self-compassion, love and honoring all that our shadows have to teach us.”
                                                                                                                           - Jamie Bruchman

If you are ready to jump in choose this printed, spiral bound coursebook, journal hybrid with information prompts, reflection questions, and practices to support you in finding inner personal healing, happiness, and refinement through shadow work. Purchase this Dancing With Shadows: Guided Shadow Work & Personal Reflections Journal printed copy and receive FREE SHIPPING!

Chapter 1 begins with the Introductions and Foundations of Shadow Work. Here, you define: What is Shadow, What is Shadow Work,  Shadow Work Objectives, The Shadow of the Four Bodies, and 7 Chakras. Next, you set personal intentions for moving through this reflection journal and course. Then you receive the Foundational Practices of Shadow Work that lay the groundwork for safe and rooted unlearning, letting go, and processing. 

In Chapter 2, you are guided step by step through Shadow Work of The 4 Bodies and 7 Chakras. You will begin gaining more and more clarity around conscious and unconscious shadow within.  In each section of study (4 bodies, 7 chakras) use the Somatic Integration technique(outlined for you within this coursebook)  to Identify, Feel, Follow, and Honor your shadow; giving you many tools, and integrative practices along the way. 

Chapter 3 is the Appendix. In this section, you will find extra resources, examples of exercises in the book, and other reference material. 

Upon completion you will:

Have a personal understanding and experience of shadow work. 

Understand the meaning and nuances of shadow. 

Have new tools, and practices you can turn to.

Experience letting go. 

Become more aware of shadow habits, ideas, beliefs, patterns, stories, and projection.

Develop a self-care routine and nurture the seeds of a new lifestyle. 

Work through trauma and Trauma, and understand the differences and similarities between the two.

Understand the shadow manifestations of the 4 bodies, create a connection between them.

Understand the Shadows that manifest in each of the 7 Chakras. 

Address tough issues head-on including grief, anger, fear, self-doubt, self-hate, ego, illusion, relationship,

resentment, and more.


Move through internal blocks and resistance every week.


Experience move forward into the self you are always wanting to be. 

Finally say you are doing your inner work!

Shadow Journeyer: Explore the unconscious and subconscious shadow through 22+ guided, recorded meditations and journeys. Receive at least 2 per each 11 sections of inquiry (4 bodies, 7 chakras). This course includes access to the 22+ recordings on audio drive online, and the reflection pages come integrated into the workbook.

Shadow Elements and Ceremony: In this shadow work of the soul course discover the shadow of the Elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire as explored alongside the 4 Directions. Walk another layer deeper into yourself and your reality by exploring the shadow that shows up to teach us while walking our journey around the Medicine Wheel.  Deepen your connection to Spirit,  learn how to be more spirit-full in your daily life, work with elemental allies and guides, and incorporate ceremony into your shadow work practice. 

Dancing With Shadows Full Course: Includes the hard copy of the guidebook as above, the Shadow Work With Gemstones Course, and The Shadow Journeyer course, and The Shadow Elements and Ceremony Course. You receive the reflection pages integrated into the hard copy guide book and the audio and video files as above


MENTORSHIP: You are invited to work with a mentor throughout your journey. You can purchases al la carte one on one sessions as part of any of the Dancing With Shadows options.  These are especially helpful if you desire a supportive soul sister in your life if you are feeling stuck in the work or resistant to it if you are having a hard time, if something difficult arises, or if you're wanting a personal touch to your program. 

Mentorship sessions meet you where you are in your program, or walk with you throughout it. Mentorship sessions are 75min in length and being with an overall check-in and grounding. Then you are given the opportunity to speak to where you are in your program, what is going well, and what you would like more support around. Your mentor will listen reflectively, ask questions, and offer individualized support, guidance, and additional practices. 

Mentorship sessions can be purchased on their own or alongside any course offering. 

Choose to travel even deeper into your experience with the Dancing With Shadows Full Course, with this option you get your own printed copy of the personal reflections journal sent directly to you, and you also receive the following courses and an option to add individual mentorship sessions.  Or go for the Complete Dancing With Shadows Guided Experience and receive all of the above, plus more.  Find out about all the options below or in the store... 

Shadow Work With Gemstones:   Explore specific gemstones and their application to shadow work through the lenses of each of the Four Bodies in a 6 part Video Series. Which gemstone we will be studying when is listed below; as well as a breakdown of the video flow.  

When purchased as part of the Dancing With Shadows Full Course this experience includes 5 hand-selected gemstones, and 6 part video series. Your coursebook comes fully integrated into the hard copy of the Personal Inquiry Journal that you receive in the mail.


Video 1: 

Intro to Shadow Work With Gemstones introduces you to this mini-course and supports you in identifying the gemstones you will be using. ((Gemstones are included!)).
2: Black Tourmaline and Physical Shadow 
3: Blue Tigers Eye and Emotional Shadow 
4: Onyx and Mental Shadow
5: Obsidian and Spiritual Shadow
Bonus: Shadow Gemstone Ceremony w/ Personal, the hand-selected stone just for you. 

COMPLETE DANCING WITH SHADOWS EXPERIENCE: Includes the hard copy of the guidebook as above, the Shadow Work With Gemstones Course, The Shadow Journeyer course, and The Shadow Elements and Ceremony Course. You receive the reflection pages integrated into the hard copy guide book and the audio and video files as above. ADDITIONALLY, you receive 12 90min Mentorship Sessions that correspond to each of the sections in your shadow work-study.  Receive continuous support, reflection, and guidance along your path for a personalized shadow work journey and incredibly transformative experience.