Dancing With Shadows 


Dancing With Shadows:: 6-month Group Shadow Work Journey supports you in looking deeply at your shadows and learning to integrate them and become more yourself in the process within a safe, nurturing container with soul support and guidance from Alexandra. 


This is a small group journey open to 8 women, and 8 men who want to:

Step into doing their inner work.
Turn toward themselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 
Go on a journey of self-discovery.

Take better care of themselves.
Change habits.
Stop destructive patterns.
Focus on inner personal healing, happiness, and refinement.


Next session will begin July 2021 and run through December 2021. 

WOMEN'S Sessions take place the  1st, 2nd, and 3rd Monday of the Month - 5:30pm - 7:30pm MST 
MEN'S Sessions take place the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Monday of the Month- 5:30pm - 7:30pm MST
The last week of the month is off, and designated for Integration.

The women's group and men's group, although moving through the same curriculum parallelly; each group will remain separate and gender specific. The reason for this is to support each group in receiving the support they need, and to feel safe in expressing the deep truths they need to in order to fully let go and step forward on the path of healing and empowerment. 

We meet each week live via Zoom!
We will have group support, exchange, and interaction throughout on Telegram! Telegram is a messaging app that allows for group messaging, voice, and video shares and is not owned by Facebook. You will need to download this app to you phone prior to the beginning of our journey together. 
Content online is posted on Google Drive! Google Drive will house all our class materials including meditations and journeys, monthly teaching videos, recorded sessions, and Bonus classes. 



We will have a book study of Eastern Body, Western Mind
by Anodea Judith during our program. 

We will have 6 guest facilitator workshops, one each month, on a supportive topic, TBA

You get 18 group sessions, 1 one on one session with Alexandra, hard copy of
Dancing With Shadows Guide Book and Personal Reflections Journal, and more!

This Group Program is for you if you: 

Have a laundry list of "stuff", or "issues" that you're not sure how to unpack or where to start.

Feel pretty balanced in your life currently and want to explore your inner being in new depths. 

Are just dipping your toe into spirituality, and/or inner work and want to be held in a community of supportive like-hearted people. 

Desire a step by step process for looking at many aspects of yourself to determine where your blocks and resistances are. 

Would like to be a better version of you and show up for yourself with more love, understanding, and commitment to goals, dreams, practices, pursuits, and challenges. 


JULY- Introductions and Foundations::  We will take this first month to lay a strong foundation for the work and journey to come. We will spend this time connecting to ourselves and each other and learning about what is shadow, and what is shadow work. Also, we will discuss, in-depth, self-care; what it means, what it looks like, how it is defined, our resistances to it, and the importance of prioritizing it, and making our plans to put it into practice.

You will receive an in depth look into the Nervous System and discover its effect on your body, mind, and spirit. You will uncover the connection between the Nervous System and trauma/Trauma and find out practices and processes to support you in becoming more settled, and connected while learning how to navigate triggered states. 

You will also have an introduction to the foundational practices of shadow work, the foundational process through which we move through shadow, an overview of our Dancing With Shadows Workbook, mini-courses, and an introduction to the companion book we will use: Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith.

Finally, we will discuss the flow of our weeks together, the bonus workshops included, and set intentions for the months to come.

AUGUST– Physical and Root Chakra Shadows::  In this second month we will build on our foundational practices and continue to refine our self-care regime. Each session we will begin with a self-care check-in, then move into the next chapter of shadow work with an overview, teaching points, processing, discussion, and questions. At the close of each session, you will receive your homework assignments, and we will end with self-care plans.

Physical and Root Chakra Shadow concerns our relationship with our bodies, our physical world, and our roots. We will discuss trauma/Trauma, safety, self-esteem, physical self-confidence, relationship with food, substance, abuse, and more. We will spend the first week of this month looking at Physical Shadow, the second week with the Root Chakra, and the third week revisiting both and moving through a group experience.

The fourth week is an integration week. An opportunity to pause, review, and connect with the work we’ve done so far without adding more to your plate.


SEPTEMBER- Emotional & Sacral Shadows:: In this third month we will be well on our way through our shadow work journey. This month we will focus on Emotional and Sacral Chakra Shadows. As before we will begin and end each session with our self-care check-in. Then dive into, first, the emotional shadow chapter, then the second week we will move into the sacral chakra shadows. Each week we will have an overview, teaching points, processing, discussion, and questions.

Emotional and Sacral Chakra Shadow Work concerns our relationship with our emotions, pleasure, sexuality, and creativity. We will discuss what we believe to be true about our emotions, what we allow and don’t allow ourselves to express, how we feel about ourselves sexually, sexual trauma, our relationship to pleasure, addictions, resistance, and receptivity.

The fourth week is an integration week. An opportunity to pause, review, and connect with the work we’ve done so far without adding more to your plate.

OCTOBER - Solar Plexus, Heart Chakra, Mental Shadow::  In this fourth month, we will stay in the realm of Emotional Shadow, but move up the Chakra system into the Solar Plexus and The Heart. We will explore Solar Plexus Chakra in the first session, The Heart Chakra in the second session, and in the third session, we will wrap up these previous two and intro the Mental Shadow chapter. We will always begin and end with self-care. Again as we move into each shadow work chapter we will have the opportunity to introduce the chapter, move through teaching points, processing, discussion, and questions.

Solar Plexus shadow addresses anger, power, confidence, and outward action in the world. Heart Chakra looks at grief, resentment, and self-love, or self-hate. These two chapters are concerned with deepening our awareness of our emotions, our ability to be in discomfort, and our awakening to ourselves as divinely worthy.

Mental Shadow addresses our relationship with our mind, thoughts, beliefs, anxiety, patterns, and ego. We will have the opportunity to connect with our mental body as the creator of our reality. We will reclaim imagination, creativity, and high vibration thoughts through mental self-care practices you will learn along the way.

The fourth week is an integration week. An opportunity to pause, review, and connect with the work we’ve done so far without adding more to your plate.

NOVEMBER - Mental Shadow, Throat Chakra, and 6th Chakra Shadow:: We will begin month five with a review of the mental shadow chapter from our previous session. In that first session, we will also open up our learning, discussion, and process of the throat chakra shadow chapter. In the second session, we will move into the third eye chapter of shadow work, and in the third session, we will review where we’ve been so far in this month then close with a group experiential process.

Throat Chakra Shadow addresses our relationship to our voice, our Truth, self-expression, speaking our hearts, and minds, and the right to be heard. Third Eye shadow work looks at similar shadows as Mental Shadow and moves deeper into the process of creating a more meaningful relationship to our mind and the power of visualization and manifestation.

The fourth week is an integration week. An opportunity to pause, review, and connect with the work we’ve done so far without adding more to your plate.

DECEMBER- Spiritual and Crown Chakra Shadow:: The sixth and final month is dedicated to Spiritual Shadow and Crown Chakra Shadow. In the first session, we will review where we ended in the previous month and open our teaching and discussion of Spiritual Shadow. In the second session this month we will delve into Crown Chakra Shadow in the same way that we have up to this point.

Spiritual Shadow is our opportunity to look at our relationship with attachment, and our definition of spirituality, God, and Spirit. In the Crown Chakra Shadow Work chapter, we continue to look at these topics and move also into passions, death, religion, and values, the 7 directions, and our internal relationship to the masculine and feminine energies within.

Our final session will be our Graduation gathering. This last session together will be an opportunity to wrap up within our program and within our group. It is likely that this session will be a bit longer than the rest, and will work to give you closer to your program and discuss ways of continuing the work as well as where to go from here.


Dancing With Shadows: Guidebook and Personal Reflections Journal

18 Group Teaching and Processing Sessions

2 One on One Mentorship Sessions with Alexandra

Membership into Telegram Group for Continued Support and Community

2 Dancing With Shadows Mini Courses with Reflection Practices and Pages::
    Shadow Work with Gemstones
    Shadow Journeyer 

Monthly Integrative Yoga & Breathwork Practice
((Recorded and Posted to Telegram, YouTube, and Google Drive))

Monthly Curriculum Overview Video 
((Recorded and Posted To YouTube and Google Drive))

Continued Support Between Sessions via Telegram, Text, and Email 

6 Bonus Workshops with Guest Facilitators

Sample Calendar:: 

​    Internet Connection
    Basic Art Supplies
    Open Heart
    Personal Journal
    Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith

What is the time commitment? 
We will meet for 2hours a week. On top of that, it would advisable to spend at least an hour a day with your self-care, and another hour and a half a week for your shadow work homework and engagement with the program. 
How many can join? 
8 spots are open for this journey within each group.

Will the sessions be recorded? 
These sessions will be recorded.  Participants will receive recorded videos uploaded 24hours after the live class.

What if I miss a session?
Then you may review the recorded video from class, and get support and notes from other members of the group. 

Who are the guest facilitators? 
The guest facilitators will be teaching bonus workshops that are supportive of the material we learn in the program. These workshops will be aside from our regularly scheduled Monday night class. Last session we had a multitude of wonderful sessions that you would also have access to as part of the course Library. 

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