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Here is where you get to choose your own shadow work journey. The Intro And Foundations section is a fine place to start. However, you can really jump right in anywhere.

You can purchase the Printed Copy of the Shadow Work Guide and Personal Reflection Journal on its own or as part of the Galaxy or Multiverse Package. Each of these packages also includes mini-courses.

Add a shadow work mentor session to receive support as you navigate your inner personal growth, or sign up for the Multiverse Package to receive a fully guided and supported journey and mentorship rolled into one. The written shadow reading can be purchased on its own or alongside any offering.

Use coupon code: shadow for $50 off your first shadow work mentorship session.
If have questions or want to have a live sample session with Alexandra schedule your free 45min consultation below.

Mentorship Session(s)

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60 min Mentorship Sessions are the perfect companion purchase to both the STAR Package, and the Galaxy Package.

Do you desire soul-sister style support?
Do you crave someone to challenge you and reflect for you that which you haven't been able to see in yourself?
Are you stuck in or repeating a feeling, pattern, habit, belief... that you wish would just STOP?

For your first session: use code shadow for $50 off, or use when you purchase 2 or more sessions together

Receive link to schedule your session upon completion of your purchase.

" I highly recommend working with Alex because she embraces you exactly as you are and supports you on your journey of being able to identify, feel, follow, and honor your shadows. This deep dive of inner work has really changed who I am as a person. Now I am able to love myself for my dark shadows and to live a life full of insight and introspection.” - Alisha Johnson

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