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This is an amazing tool to dive deeply into your inner-work. This pairs great with the STAR package, or would be considered: Shadow Work 202. You can begin with 101, or jump right into 202. This journal is layers deeper and asks you to show up for yourself even more

This is the complete step by step Shadow Work guide book and personal reflection journal, PHYSICAL COPY. This is a spiral bound course book, journal hybrid with information, prompts, reflection questions, and practices to support you in finding inner personal healing, happiness, and refinement. When you purchase the Guided Shadow Work & Personal Reflections Journal, you get your own printed copy sent to you.

It begins with the Introductions and Foundations of Shadow Work. Here, you define: What is Shadow, What is Shadow Work, Shadow Work Objectives, The Shadow of the Four Bodies, and 7 Chakras. This is a more in depth study than is found in the PDFs available.

Each chapter here is valued at $37. That is over a $444 value for only $108

If you need to start with less, you can start with the PDFs offered or the STAR PACKAGE

In Chapter 1: You will set personal intentions for moving through this reflection journal and course. Then you receive the Foundational Practices of Shadow Work that lay the ground work for safe and rooted unlearning, letting go, and processing.

In Chapter 2: You are guided step by step though Shadow Work of The 4 Bodies and 7 Chakras. You will begin gaining more and more clarity around conscious and unconscious shadow within. In each section of study (4 bodies, 7 chakras) use the Somatic Integration technique(outlined for you within this course book) to Identify, Feel, Follow, and Honor your shadow; giving you many tools, and integrative practices along the way.

Chapter 3 offers examples and resources to support you on your journey.

This course and reflection journal is also created with the invitation to refinement. In this book you will find out that shadow work is a spiritual practice. As such it is never done. We move through endless cycles, death and rebirth in our lives. This is simultaneously a great resource for where to start your inner personal journey, and a great place to step into the next (and the next, and the next....) layers of refinement for you and your life. This course offers many layers, all of which are outlined as you read on. You can choose at any point to add one on one mentorship sessions to your experience here. Shadow Work is deep and transformative that brings alot of stuff to the surface. If at any point you are moving through the material offered here, you are invited to reach out for support.

The flow of the Dancing With Shadows: Guided Shadow Work & Personal Reflections Journal is as follows::

Chapter 1 - Introductions and Foundations
Chapter 2 - Shadow Work: 4 Bodies and 7 Chakras
Physical Shadow
Root Chakra
Emotional Shadow
Sacral Chakra
Solar Plexus Chakra
Heart Chakra
Mental Shadow
Throat Chakra
Third Eye Chakra
Spiritual Shadow
Crown Chakra
Chapter 3 - Appendix

Each chapter here is valued at $37. That is over a $444 value for only $108

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