Dancing With Shadows


Hannah Frey - Dancing With Shadows Self Study

“The Dancing With Shadow program has been so good for me. It is helping me shift so much. My physical shadow needed so much love and attention. I really feel the soul call more than ever to step into my own shadow work and help others, which is exciting. Some beautiful shifts have taken place: I am sober again, no desire for alcohol or drugs, I quit smoking tobacco, it feels effortless to eat healthy/nourish my body and get moving again. I've been consistent with my practice of checking in with all parts of myself every day, and I am finally getting my energy back. Thank you so much for this amazingly deep program."

                                                                                                                        -Hannah Frey- freyhk96@yahoo.com

Michelle Trumble - Dancing With Shadows Mentorship & Certified Practitioner

"Working with Alex has allowed me to clear away the deep muck that was standing in the way of my inner gifts. Alex was able to see things that I didn’t even know were affecting my day to day. As I was introduced to more pieces of me, I rediscovered my passions and let go of the traumas and deep patterning I was holding onto. I’ve been able to move through the struggles of life with grace and be less attached to heavy emotions that used to keep me down for weeks. I now recognize when I am projecting my pain onto others and hold myself accountable, creating ease in all my relationships. AND more incredibly, I have reconnected with my dream of helping people. Alex helped me see that my struggles are actually gifts.”

                                                                                     - Michelle Trumble- michelle.trumble@breatkingopen.org

Taylore Landry - Dancing With Shadows Self Study

"To say that Alexandra has been an impactful force in my healing journey would be an understatement. She is a strong, steady, fearless, and loving force. Alex has brought me to the darkest parts of myself, held me as I shattered old patterns and explored the depths of past trauma, and then lovingly showed me the way back – integrating and expanding into all that I am and all that I shall become. In our one-on-one sessions, she has helped me work through very deep traumas – quickly transforming them into fuel that keeps the fire burning and brings me closer to myself and my path. I can’t begin to fully express the profound shifts I have experienced with Alexandra as my teacher… I feel more grounded, creative, open, magical, and powerful than I ever have. Through our one-on-one sessions, Shadow Work, and the Wild Art of the Sacred Feminine course, Alexandra has guided me. Helping me fearlessly dive into the deep, heal what needs to be healed, and move forward into leveling up all aspects of my life."

                                                                                                        - Taylore Landry - taylorelandry.art@gmail.com

Crystal Stone - Dancing With Shadow Mentorship

“I have to say how much I love Alexandra, her love, her incredible knowledge, awareness, and support. She has been there for me whenever I have needed her, showing up 100% during our mentorship calls and when I’ve texted or called her in moments of crisis. I was a complete mess and totally lost when I started this program. With our weekly mentorship calls, the tools she has given me, and the shadow work practices in her book, she has guided me through a self-journey I never imagined possible, working through some really
dark, deep-rooted shadows. For the first time in a long time, I truly feel free and can start focusing on my future.
                                                                                                              -Crystal Stone- Crystal.stone84@gmail.com

Jamie Bruchman - Dancing With Shadow Mentorship

"Shadow Work is never done, and through years of working with Alex, I have learned that it is truly a lifelong dance. Through this program, I have been seen in a way that has allowed me to see parts of myself I never even knew wanted to be seen. I have found resources, been given a tool kit from which I can draw and cultivate deep spaces of communication with the inner and collective wisdom. Alex has helped me manifest the birth of my dreams and to face all my fears with loving attention. Her commitment and availability to her clients and this practice are unwavering, and she truly is a guide through the largest of waves. Cultivating a lifelong practice of Shadowork has prepared me for motherhood in ways no parenting book ever could, healing ancestral trauma in ways traditional talk therapy never quite unearthed, for holding space in a world filled with collective shadows I never thought I would have the capacity to do."
                                                                                                        -Jamie Bruchman - jamiebruchman@gmail.com

Alisha Johnson- Dancing With Shadows Self Study Options

"Alex's Shadow Workbook is a beautiful compilation of practices that enhance one's journey of self-discovery. With each chakra broken down as well as physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual practices, the book is phenomenally organized and powerful! I highly recommend this course with Alex because she embraces you exactly as you are and supports you on your journey of being able to identify, feel, follow, and honor your shadows. This deep dive of inner work has really changed who I am as a person to be able to love myself for my dark shadows and to live a life full of insight and introspection."

                                                                                                                                                             - Alisha Johnson